IT Security

IT security is no longer optional. It is something all companies need to implement; should your critical systems be attacked, you would not only lose time and revenue, but you could potentially be liable for the information stolen, you’ll lose credibility and possibly even clients or customers.

Assessments and audits

Davo Group can audit your network security; testing with aggressive penetration scans, and develop and implement effective company-wide security policies. Davo Group works with you to help keep your business safer, working smarter, faster and globally better to save you time and money through IT solutions and services.

Network security / Antivirus / malware protection

We offer a variety of security solutions for your I.T. peace of mind.
From network security with robust Firewall solutions to complete server/client antivirus to protect your business data. Protecting your network from internet threats is more important than ever. Certain security threats can wreak havoc on unprotected networks. Network security is not an option in this day and age. It is a necessity. Davo Technology Group can completely secure your network infrastructure to protect against internet threats. From suspicious email attachments to clicking the wrong link while surfing the web, we’ve got you covered. With the advent of countless mobile devices that can connect to wireless networks, it is imperative to secure the WiFi portion of your network. Whether it is giving a guest access to the internet or an employee that needs wireless access for their work , we can optimize and mitigate security risks with strong password encryption e.g. WPA2 password or Radius server implementation.
We also offer complete security camera surveillance systems, alarm systems and employee access card systems.

Mobile device security

Mobile access to vital business applications and information empowers workers to be more productive, supporting increased business agility and flexibility. However, mobility comes at a price: The same features that make smart devices so useful to employees also make them attractive to hackers, data thieves, malware distributors and other criminals.
It’s not just about malware; the trend towards ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) initiatives in companies of all sizes is contributing to an increasingly complex spread of devices across the business. At the same time, the lines between business and personal use are blurring, creating a challenging management and control environment for IT administrators.
How can you support BYOD initiatives without the headaches? How can you control what the end-user is doing when they’re downloading apps in a hotel room in a different time zone? What happens when they leave their smartphone in the back of a taxi? Can you control all of this easily and from one central point? Mobile Device Management (MDM) can answer most of these questions.


IT compliance has become an everyday issue for several industries; financial services, legal, and the medical industry to name a few.
If your company requires security compliance audits and routine vulnerability scans to ensure your company meets or exceeds industry guidelines, Davo Group can provide cost-effective solutions to keep you compliant with your industry’s standards and regulations.

Network optimization

We can optimize your network by installing gigabit or 10 gigabit network equipment to improve overall network performance and provide faster, more responsive network applications, server services and file sharing. Quality of service within your network can make a dramatic difference to specific network intensive applications; thus providing seamless data flow where and when it is needed.
VLANs (virtual local area network) can be effective in segregating specific departments in your organization, specific services or shared network resources between businesses sharing the same internet connection.

Modern telephony (Voice over internet protocol)

We offer VoIp services as well as the necessary equipment to create or replace your existing business PBX. Voice over internet protocol is the new modern way to communicate via your internet connection without passing through conventional telephone companies. Voice over internet protocol phone systems are available for a lower cost when compared to conventional office PBX phone systems. There are many added features to VoIp that make it more desirable over conventional phone systems such long distance call savings, head office to satellite office free calling, soft phone utilization (phone software that runs on a laptop or tablet and allows you to keep the same number, door phone entry buzzer integration, Find me / follow me call routing ( allows you to create a list of numbers where you can be reached before pushing the call to voicemail), Voice to email transcription, customized on hold music, bandwidth utilization and inbound/ outbound call detail reports, advanced call screening features, complete call conferencing management, do not disturb features and much more.