About Us

Who We Are?

We are a Montreal based Information Technology company offering complete hardware, software and network administration services to small and medium sized companies. We have a great passion and deep commitment to delivering the highest quality of services to our clients. Professionalism and ever sharpening expertise is at the heart of Davo Technology Group. We aim to raise the bar in terms of what our customers can expect from us and to hold our competitors up to the challenge of providing second to none service, expertise, accountability and passion for technology.

At Davo Group, the core values mentioned hereunder are integral to everything we do.

• Our promise of integrity in all facets of our solutions and services offered to our clients

• We believe that serving our clients with the utmost respect and cutting edge expertise; always striving to provide the best possible service and offering solutions to their immediate objectives and foreseeing future needs; thus providing scalability and a service that is above and beyond expectations

• Our goal is to provide efficient and effective IT solutions that are a catalyst for our clients business success

• We view working with our clients as a great privilege and thus believe in keeping the highest levels of confidentiality when working with our clients’ data and critical systems. From a simple workstation to complex network infrastructure, we take great care and pride ourselves in building and nurturing a high level of trust with our clients

• Our commitment to our customers is one of exceeding expectations, keeping the highest levels of professionalism and delivering solutions within the agreed budget and timeframe

We promise to always give our clients the full picture and strive to give them fully informed options rather than just a quick fix or band-aid solution. At Davo Group, we create solutions based on the full evaluation of our client’s needs and goals.

Our passion

Our team has a passion for technology and impeccable customer service. Each of our network technicians has a passion for his (or her) professions; we believe in fueling that passion and thus are committed to the continuous investment in the expertise of our staff; providing the latest and most cutting edge solutions to our clients.

Our philosophy in meeting our clients I.T. goals is in simplifying the complexity of information technology, boosting operational efficiency, and anticipating and responding to the ever evolving business needs of our clients. We keep a competitive edge that our customers need to maintain and gain a business advantage over competitors.

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